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How Lengthy Does Thermal Paste Final

Thermal paste doesn’t final perpetually. How lengthy a thermal paste lasts will rely on the PC utilization, thermal paste high quality and environment. It wants a alternative every so often.

Utilized as an interface between the chip and the warmth sink, thermal paste helps in rapidly transferring the warmth by filling within the small air gaps which might in any other case warmth up the processor.

Right here’s every little thing that you’d need to learn about thermal paste.

What’s Thermal Paste? How does Thermal Pasting Work?

 You’ve seen the warmth sink tightly pressed in opposition to the chip. It could appear like a good seal, however sadly, it additionally leaves tiny air bubbles in between. And since air is a horrible conductor of warmth, it stops the warmth switch course of between the 2.

The tiny air pockets entice the warmth making the CPU increase its temperature over time, that is whenever you want thermal paste.

A thermal paste is principally a warmth conductor that works by filling the air gaps between the warmth sink and the processor creating an air-tight seal which permits environment friendly warmth switch.

With time, the effectivity of the thermal reduces because it turns into dry and outdated. Dried-out thermal paste can now not switch warmth making the CPU get feverish. This is the reason you must reapply the thermal paste sometimes to cease the pc from overheating.

Does Thermal Paste Final Contained in the Tube?

Sealed within the tube, the thermal paste can final simply for 2-3 years. It may well final a couple of extra years, relying on the way you retailer it. Attempt to retailer the thermal paste in a cool, dry air-tight area to extend its shelf life.

How lengthy it will possibly final additionally is dependent upon its high quality and composition. However we don’t advise utilizing a thermal paste that’s 5 years or older.

How Lengthy Does it Final on Gadgets?

On the whole thermal paste lasts for about 2 to 4 years in your CPU or GPU or another chip.

Your thermal paste can final as quick as 2 years to so long as 10 years relying on the cooling system, climate, utilization, and the standard of the compound.

Earlier than you consider reapplying the thermal paste, examine your CPU temperature. For those who discover the temperature a lot increased than regular, it is perhaps as a result of the thermal paste just isn’t working because it ought to.

1. Excessive PC Utilization

 In case your PC overruns nearly on a regular basis, it will possibly make the CPU and GPU excessively scorching which in flip causes the thermal paste to lose its conductivity. Additionally, overclocking your PC, and taking part in graphic intense video games can produce extra warmth than typical. This may drastically cut back thermal paste’s lifespan.

In case you are somebody who runs his PC 24/7, bear in mind as a result of the thermal paste is not going to final greater than a 12 months or two.

2. High quality of the Thermal Paste

 Poor high quality thermal paste can have poor efficiency. It can lose its thermal connectivity prior to you count on, making you change the paste extra usually than it’s wanted. It’s all the time smart to decide on one thing that may last more than one thing that’s low on high quality.

3. Local weather and Environment

 An increase within the temperature could make the thermal paste lose its effectivity. It means if you happen to stay in an space or place the PC in a room the place it’s too scorching, the thermal paste will lose its conductivity a lot sooner. You then may want to vary the thermal paste very often. Attempt to set up CPU followers to control the temperature.

4. Mud Build-Up

Mud accumulation can even play a job in lowering the thermal paste’s lifespan. In case your heatsink is unable to chill off your CPU, it could be as a result of there’s a pile of mud on it.

When Ought to You Reapply Thermal Paste?

When the CPU or GPU temperature is abnormally excessive or when the PC performs not as effectively because it ought to, it could imply it’s time to reapply the thermal paste.

Though, the mud accrued on the heatsink fan can even overheat the CPU and different components. So, we suggest cleansing the mud settled on the warmth sink after which turning on the gadget once more. For those who nonetheless discover overheating, it means the processor wants recent thermal paste coating.

The thermal pasting received’t work after you take away the warmth sink for any motive. Due to this fact, if by any means, you take away the heatsink from the processor, you want to first clear the outdated thermal paste off the chip and apply a recent thermal paste coating.

Learn how to Re-apply Thermal Paste

 CPU overheated due to outdated thermal paste? Don’t fear. You don’t should do issues alone. We’re right here that will help you by way of the entire course of.

Keep in mind you can’t reapply the thermal paste over the earlier one.

Comply with the steps under to securely take away and reapply thermal paste.

You will want:

1. Take away the Warmth Sink

 To make your job simpler, run the PC for about 15 minutes. It can soften up the thermal paste, which in any other case is glued with the chip and the warmth sink.

Now flip off your PC and change every little thing off. Take away the bolts/screws of the warmth sink. Now gently attempt to loosen up the warmth sink by twisting backwards and forwards. Don’t pull or twitch the warmth sink whereas making an attempt to take away it, as this could severely injury the CPU pins.

As soon as unfastened, the warmth sink ought to come out pretty simply.

2. Take away Earlier Thermal Paste

 Take a clear fabric and rub gently to take away the residues of the earlier thermal paste. It can take away the unfastened components.

Now take the fabric and dip it into an isopropyl answer. You may additionally take thermal paste cleaners, however isopropyl alcohol will do exactly advantageous.

Gently wipe the chip from all sides till you see no outdated thermal paste residues. Get very mild and cautious as any pointless stress can probably injury the components of the chip.

Don’t overlook to scrub the warmth sink as nicely. Let the chip dry. Await round 1 hour or so relying on the cleaner that you just’re utilizing.

3. Reapply the Thermal Paste

 Now it’s time to reapply the thermal paste. We are going to suggest you utilizing a thermal paste spreader whereas reapplying.

Take a pea dimension quantity of thermal paste and put it immediately on the middle of your processor. Take the thermal paste spreader and unfold the paste evenly.

In case you don’t have a spreader you’ll be able to nonetheless immediately apply the thermal paste. Make an ‘X’ on the centre as it might evenly distribute the product as you press the warmth sink in.

4. Insert the Heatsink

 Rigorously place the heatsink over the chip. Place it as flat as attainable to verify the paste spreads evenly. Screw the warmth sink again in place. Maintain it for a couple of minutes and don’t transfer it.


  • If the warmth sinks slips or strikes from place, it will possibly herald air bubbles and the entire course of is terminated. If this occurs, you want to begin over. Take away the outdated pasting and do it once more.
  • It’s essential to use the correct amount of thermal paste.
  • Making use of an excessive amount of thermal paste can leak out from the perimeters spilling over the motherboard. The spilt paste will act as a thermal insulator inflicting the motherboard to overheat. Even worse, it will possibly trigger a brief circuit, in case your thermal paste is an electrical conductor.
  • For those who apply too little that isn’t adequate to cowl the CPU it received’t seal the air pockets. Finally, this may hamper the method inflicting the CPU to overheat.

How A lot Thermal Paste Ought to I Use?

Ideally, a pea-size quantity of thermal paste on the center of the processor  is satisfactory. As you reinsert the thermal paste be sure that it doesn’t slip or slide or leak out from the perimeters. This is the reason utilizing a thermal paste spreader is extremely steered.


 Thermal paste works as a superb thermal conductor when utilized in the precise manner in the correct amount. It may well make your CPU settle down by 2 to three levels.

Relying in your utilization, outdoors temperature and the product’s high quality a thermal paste can final wherever from 2 to five years.

When saved inside a tube it would simply final 2-3 years.

Please keep in mind that making use of extra thermal paste does extra hurt than good. It may well leak out from the perimeters inflicting the motherboard to overheat.

Use a pea-size quantity and unfold it with a thermal spreader and you might be good to go.



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