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textures – Unreal Engine Cannot Rotate Materials

I’m a Blender artist and Unity Developer. I am very acquainted with supplies and texture maps in Blender and I am solely reasonably acquainted with texture maps in Unity. My workflow is to do all of my modeling and texturing work in Blender, bake the diffuse, roughness, metallic, regular, and/or peak maps after which import them into my sport engine (often Unity).

I am making an attempt one thing new and utilizing Unreal Engine. I purchased a supplies pack that was made with Adobe Substance. I utilized the feel and was in a position to make the textures smaller so it was utilized as a repeating sample.

So there are 2 issues I’m having hassle doing. I must flip the feel so it’s utilized horizontally, and I must make the sample look much less repetitive. It seems to be like the very first thing goes to be simpler than the second factor. Does Anybody know the way to do that? Can I do it with out downloading the substance addon?

That is what the feel seems to be like (un-flipped and repetitive):
enter image description here

And that is what the fabric seems to be like within the open editor; the L01 Tiling management was how I received the sample to shrink and repeat:
enter image description here



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