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Construct Extension, Catch Construct Fail – Cocos Creator

Good day, I’m a Korean developer.
I created a plug-in that makes use of construct extensions to erase information when constructing a undertaking after which restore them to their unique state after the construct is full.

My downside is, my plug-in works completely, but when the construct fails, I gained’t return the information I deleted.

Shopping the doc doesn’t present a technique to deal with the construct failure.

What ought to I do?

my cocos creator model is 3.6.1

i can’t discovered onError callback

image (219.4 KB)
I created the plugin straight via right here straight

yeah i do know, however, I clicked this button to create a plug-in, however there’s nonetheless no onError within the BuildHook namespace

Are you able to share a part of the code to see the place issues are tousled?


import * as fs from 'fs';

let knowledge: { [path: string]: { contents: string; meta: string } } = {};

async perform take away(path: string): Promise<{ contents: string; meta: string }> {
    let full_path = path.substitute('db://', Editor.Venture.path + "https://talk");
    let str = fs.readFileSync(full_path, { encoding: 'utf8' });
    let str_meta = fs.readFileSync(full_path + '.meta', { encoding: 'utf8' });
    console.log(`take away the ${path}`);
    await Editor.Message.request('asset-db', 'delete-asset', path);

    return { contents: str, meta: str_meta };

async perform create(path: string, knowledge: { contents: string; meta: string }) {
    console.log(`create the ${path}`);
    let full_path = path.substitute('db://', Editor.Venture.path + "https://talk");
    await Editor.Message.request('asset-db', 'create-asset', path, knowledge.contents);
    fs.writeFileSync(full_path + '.meta', knowledge.meta);

export async perform onBeforeBuild(choices) {
    knowledge = {};
    let pack = choices['packages'] || {};
    let module = pack['build-ignore-files'] || {};
    let checklist = (module['ignoreList'] || '').cut up(';');

    for (let path of checklist) {
        let exist_search_path = path.substitute('db://', Editor.Venture.path + "https://talk");
        let is_exist = path !== '' && fs.existsSync(exist_search_path);
        console.log(path + ' is exist : ' + is_exist.toString());
        if (!is_exist) {
        let contents = await take away(path);
        knowledge[path] = contents;

export async perform onAfterBuildAssets(choices) {
    for (let path in knowledge) {
        await create(path, knowledge[path]);

export perform load() {
    console.log('build-ignore-files load');

export perform unload() {
    console.log('build-ignore-files unload');

that is full hooks code

You possibly can examine if the content material of the template file underneath the engine path is right first



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