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Take away All Components with a Class Utilizing JavaScript


On this Byte we’ll be taking a look at a standard operation in frontend JavaScript – eradicating all components with a particular class. A process like this will likely come up when manipulating the DOM, particularly when working with a dynamic net app.

The DOM and Class Selectors

In rendered HTML, the DOM represents the construction of net content material. It is an object-oriented illustration of an internet web page, which could be manipulated with JavaScript to vary the doc construction, model, and content material. Class selectors play an essential position in each studying and manipulating the DOM.

A category selector is a reputation assigned to an HTML factor utilizing the class attribute. This will help us to focus on and manipulate particular teams of components with JavaScript or CSS. As an illustration, if in case you have a bunch of components with the category spotlight, you possibly can goal them with JavaScript like so:

let highlights = doc.getElementsByClassName('spotlight');

This returns a “reside” HTMLCollection of components with the category spotlight. It is “reside” as a result of it mechanically updates when the doc modifications.

Why Take away Components with a Particular Class

There are various eventualities the place this operation is helpful.

Maybe you are constructing a dynamic net web page the place components are continuously added and eliminated. As an illustration, a notification system would possibly use a particular class for error messages. When the errors are resolved, it could make sense to take away all these messages directly.

One other use case could possibly be a type validation system. Invalid type fields could possibly be marked with a particular class, and as soon as the shape is validated, these markers could possibly be eliminated with a single command.

Eradicating Components with Particular Class

Now, let’s get to what this Byte is de facto about — eradicating components with a particular class. Here is a easy perform that does simply that:

perform removeElementsByClass(className) {
    let components = doc.getElementsByClassName(className);
    whereas(components.size > 0) {

This perform works by first deciding on all components with the required class. It then enters a loop that continues so long as there are components with this class. Contained in the loop, it removes the primary factor within the assortment.

Keep in mind, getElementsByClassName returns a reside assortment, so eradicating a component mechanically updates the gathering. This is the reason we are able to all the time take away the primary factor with out operating out of bounds.

To make use of the perform, you merely name it with the category identify as parameter:


After this line of code, all components with the category spotlight can have been faraway from the doc.

Observe: Curiously, eradicating a component from the DOM doesn’t delete it solely. It is faraway from the doc construction, however nonetheless exists in reminiscence and could be reinserted into the doc.

Take away Components by Class Title with jQuery

Given its reputation, a lot of you studying this are possible additionally utilizing jQuery in your web site. After all, as you may see, jQuery could make operations like this even easier.

Right here is how one can take away all components by class identify utilizing jQuery:

$('.spotlight').take away();

On this instance, we wish to take away all components with the “spotlight” class. Nonetheless, you need to insert no matter class it’s that it is advisable take away.

Evaluating this to the “plain JavaScript” manner, it is a lot shorter, a lot simpler to learn, and far much less error-prone. Whereas many want to make use of plain JS for his or her tasks, it may be arduous to go up on the comfort of a library like jQuery.


JavaScript affords a robust set of instruments for manipulating the DOM, and understanding these instruments can vastly improve your means to create dynamic net pages. On this Byte we noticed how you can choose components by class identify and how you can take away these components. We noticed how to do that with each plain previous JavaScript in addition to with jQuery.



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