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Scroll Mum or dad ScrollView when contact transfer up or down within the nest baby ScrollView’s space? – Cocos Creator

Hi there,

I’ve nested scrollviews with:

  1. A Blue Vertical ScrollView
  2. And a Little one yellow Horizontal ScrollView
    My query is:
  • disable scroll occasion within the baby when consumer strikes up or down within the yellow space ? ( in that case solely blue scrollView occasion is working )

Please assist me!


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I’m utilizing cocos creator newest model 3.6.2 (10.2 KB)
Like this?

I’ve the identical downside with @thobn24h, so the issue is when I’ve a “MainScrollView” which is vertically scroll and “ChildScrollView” which is horizontally scroll, “ChildScrollView” is a toddler of “MainScrollView” content material.

However, when contact location is touching “ChildScrollView”, I can’t scroll the “MainScrollView”

@Koei, my downside is Yellow scroll view is a toddler node of inexperienced scroll view, two scroll views aren’t sibling.

You possibly can change the node tree construction your self, is that not what you need both?



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